Michael Weisser, Esq. & David Weisser

Board of directors

Michael Weisser, Esq. and his son, David Weisser, are nationally regarded as industry pioneers, with over seven years of experience in producing medical marijuana to relieve patients with serious debilitating conditions. They have been hailed for developing clinicallyoriented medical models in “seed-to-sale” enterprises with an emphasis on tracking patient data and the association between certain strains of medicinal cannabis and delivery methods with qualifying conditions. The Weissers began investing in medical marijuana dispensaries and clinical research in 2009, motivated by the loss of Michael Weisser’s beloved wife of 34 years (and David Weisser’s mother) after a battle with cancer. They have made significant contributions to cancer research and other philanthropic causes through a 501(c)(3) foundation launched in Mrs. Weisser’s memory.

Michael Weisser has been a member of the New York Bar for over 50 years during which time he has specialized in tax and securities law and commercial litigation. He has taken several companies public and served as COO of a publicly traded environmental sciences company. He also owns and manages over one million square feet of commercial real estate, including 15 shopping centers in 5 states, and owns critically acclaimed vintage clothing brands.

Prior to his entrepreneurship in medical marijuana cultivation, David Weisser had diversified experience in commercial real estate in heading leasing operations, identifying and completing complex acquisitions, and managing over one million square feet of various commercial and residential properties, among other business ventures.